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Вопрос по Memory Card для PS1. Никогда не заглядывал в карты памяти PS1 и PS 2, ни глазами, ни умом.Я так понимаю ваш вопрос в следующем: Можно ли сохраняться на карте памяти для PS 2 играя в игры от первой PS1?

Feb 17, 2013 ... ... phat ps2 wont read cards in memory card slot 1 only in slot 2. the game i ... i remember a similar problem on ps1 and 1 of the chips had to be ... Memory Card Adaptor Hands-on - IGN Nov 28, 2006 ... When you play a game, you choose which virtual card is in Memory Card Slot 1 and Slot 2, which you can swap on the fly. You're able to create ... What can I do if I have problems with my PlayStation 2 Memory Card? May 27, 2016 ... ... your game or deleting files on a PlayStation 2 8MB Memory Card, this ... Card is inserted securely into the Memory Card slot on the console. PS1 Savedata - PS3 Developer wiki VMP is a PS1 memory card in "PSP format". ... You can continue your game from PSP to PS3 under differents game ... VMP when copy to PSP: the slot 1 is for SCEVMC0, slot 2 is for SCEVMC1.

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Dec 16, 2011 · How to Save PS1 Games on PS3. This is an article teaching you how to save your ps1/ps2 games on the ps3. Did you direct the internal memory card to be slot 1? That could be the problem. If you think you did, double check. Thanks! Yes No. Not Helpful 2 Helpful 0. Ask a Question. 200 characters left. ... wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to ... How to use the Memory Card Adaptor for the PlayStation 3

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This is a very urgent problem srry bout the vid being cut but i really need help i will really appreciate it and give you a free shoutout if it works ;)

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Why did so few PS2 games support the second memory card … beje said: Well, PS2 memcards were big enough so unless you had a fuck huge ton of games or the bad luck of owning those with big save files, one card was usually more thanNever really noticed the problem. I keep a PS1 Memory card in my second slot most of the time though, so it doesn't come up. Slot 2 doesn't read PS2 card but reads PS1 | -… Ive tried other PS2 memory cards in the 2nd slot and they don't read either. Could it be the ribbon?Maybe it's the memory card itself but it seems like you tried more than one based on the first post. I would say call Sony but I doubt they would help with PS2 problems. How can you save files in memory card Slot 2 of your… On a ps2 memory card u can save ps1 and ps2 games Read More.No as the PlayStation 3 Blu-Ray discs are too large to fit in the DVD slot on the PlayStation 2, although you can play most PlayStation 2 games on American PlayStation 3's and around 50% of PlayStation 2 games on...

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Do I need a PS1 memory card to save PS1 games played on my ... Do I need a PS1 memory card to save PS1 games played on my ... 2492-4470-1418 / White 2 FC: 4556-7836-2644. User Info ... and assign the PS1 card to virtual Slot 1, ... PS2 and PS1 Memory cards. | ASSEMbler - Home of the obscure I'm aware that you can't save a PS1 game to a PS2 memory card ... with my 2 PS1 memory ... the 8v pin from the memory card slot connector which on 7500x ...