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Red Hot Pokers are flowering perennials that bloom in the summer with torch-shaped, bright, red, yellow and orange flowers. Sometimes called Torch Lilies, Red Hot Poker plants can grow up to 5 feet tall and 3 feet wide, and often used as border or specimen plants.

HOW TO GROW THE RED HOT POKER |The Garden of Eaden How to grow the red hot poker. WANT TO BUY RARE AND UNUSUAL SEEDS? THEN CLICK HERE FOR THE ' SEEDS OF EADEN' SEED SHOP. The Red Hot Pokers - Kniphofia species include some of the most exotic flowering plants that you can grow in a northern European garden. Red Hot Poker - Growing and Caring for Torch... - The Gardening… Red hot poker is a member of the lily family that is drought & heat resistant. Their brightly colored flowers easily attract butterflies and hummingbirds.The red hot poker is a showy and dramatic plant. If you love growing perennials that give color all summer long, this is the plant for you. Harvesting Red Hot Poker Seeds

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Red Hot Poker Seed - Kniphofia Uvaria Flower Seeds After the cold-treatment, sow the Kniphofia Uvaria seeds indoors 6 - 8 weeks before planting out, using sterile potting mix and peat pots. Barely cover the Red Hot Poker seeds with peat moss and keep flower seed moist. Transplant Red Hot Poker seedlings outdoors when they are about 2 inches tall. Planting Red Hot Pokers - How To Care For A Red Hot Poker Plant - Gardening Know How - Happy Gardening! Ask a gardening question, get a gardening answer. If you’re looking for something grand in the garden or something to attract wildlife friends, then look no further than the red hot poker plant. Growing and caring for torch lilies is easy enough for newbie gardeners too. So what is a red hot poker torch lily and how do you grow red hot pokers ...

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Fire Dance Dwarf Poker | Kniphofia hirsuta Fire Dance ... Tips On Growing Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker) Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker) is a genus of showy perennials native to southern Africa, with most species found in the Republic of South Africa. Preferred growing conditions: Red Hot Pokers thrive in a wide range of soils including clay. Kniphofia - red-hot pokers/RHS Gardening / RHS Gardening Red-hot pokers make rewarding and often long-lived garden plants. Their distinctively-shaped blooms are among the most spectacular of hardy flowers, and their long season means that by careful plant choice gardeners can enjoy them between spring and late autumn. The Red Hot Poker Plant - The Garden Helper Red Hot Pokers are one of the favorite flowers for hummingbirds. Kniphofia uvaria is commonly known as a Red Hot Poker, Torch Lily or sometimes a Tritoma Depending on the variety, the flame colored flower spikes will reach 2-5 feet in height.

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