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They can be spirited and obedient and are usually totally fearless. Jacks are friendly and generally kind to children. These canines usually make good family dogs; however parents should always monitor their kids around them. Parson Russell Terrier (Rough Coat) Read a complete profile on the Parson Russell Terrier (Rough) dog breed. Information includes a history, appearance, behavior, and grooming of the breed. Jack Russell Terrier - Dog Breed Standards The Jack Russell Terrier gets along great with horses and is often used as a stable dog, keeping horses company and hunting mice and rats. Breed Spotlight: Jack Russell Terrier | Pawderosa Ranch

Its weatherproof coat may be smooth, broken or rough and is predominantly white with tan and/or black markings. The Jack Russell Terrier is a bold, friendly, active and alert hunting terrier, built for work underground. This breed is notoriously fearless and requires little encouragement to go to ground.

Worboys -- "Inventing Dog Breeds: Jack Russell Terriers" Today Jack Russell Terriers (JRTs) are among the most popular dogs in Britain .... In the first place, the color is white with just a patch of dark tan over each eye and ear, .... Walsh gave descriptions of two forms — the smooth and rough coated ...

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We have a (nearly all white) rough coat male named Jake, 6 yrs old: and a ( tan & white) broken coat female named Abbey, 10 yrs old.jack-jack (or "tiny crazy pants" or "crackstack") is broken-coated with pricked ears. his neck and head are suuuuper soft, and his back is spikey. i LOVE his whiskers!! Fox Terrier (Smooth and Wire) » JaneDogs The Reverend Jack (John) Russell was on the first board of the Kennel Club (UK) and one of the first Kennel Club judges despite his own dogs being specialized Fox Hunters rather than show dogs.Old English Black and Tan Terrier (rough coated). Terrier of the Border Region. Head Proportions. Jack Russell Terrier

Coat and Other Defining Jack Russell Terrier Characteristics. Jack Russell Terriers can have either a smooth, broken, or rough coat. They possess dense double coats that shouldn’t be overly silky or wooly in appearance. At least 51% of their body is colored white, with brown, black, and/or tan markings.

Home - Rapscallion Russells Some Jacks have a third type of coat, a rough coat, which is longer than the broken coat but is not curly or wavy. Regardless of coat type, Jack Russells may be white, white with black markings, white with tan markings, or tricolor (white, black and tan). Available Terriers - Russell Rescue, Inc. Russell Rescue, Inc. (RRI) is a national network of volunteers dedicated to placing unwanted, displaced or abandoned Jack Russell Terriers into permanent homes. All dogs entering rescue are either temporarily placed in a foster home or must remain with their owners until a suitable home can be found. Black and Tan Terrier - Wikipedia

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A Jack Russell Terrier has two types of double coats - a smooth dense coat that provides protection against the elements and undergrowth and a rough or broken coat that is not woolly. Hava-Jack | Dog Breed Facts and Information - Wag! Dog Walking Jack Russells are tan and white, black and white or tricolored (black, tan and white). Jack Russells either have a smooth, rough or broken coat, the latter is a combination of the first two. China Jack | Dog Breed Facts and Information - Wag! Dog Walking